Regional collaboration for EKO AGRO Group

On May 29th, The EKO AGRO Group signed a pilot protocol agreement with the Tuscany Region in Italy for the launch of the Carbon Free digital certification of its “Made in Tuscany” food products. As entrepreneurial actors in the AgTech domain, this is a major step in their journey to reset agricultural methods in a way which truly promotes circular economies.

The Group’s mission to rethink agriculture with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in mind is a complex one, combining today’s available technology with the backdrop of ancient farming techniques. By collaborating with the Region of Tuscany they secure development of their agricultural model with the economic support and cultural knowledge of the region. This Italian-Swiss affiliation follows a series of partnerships with universities, purpose driven investors and industrial partners; demonstrating that interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration is vital to the success of a sustainable future.

The EKO AGRO Group, via management of agro-forestry engineering, ensures an offset of all CO2 consumed during production; thus certifying a zero carbon footprint. With this new protocol agreement the Group’s goal to share this positive result with the Tuscany Region and requisite consumers begins to take shape.

To learn more about the Group and its mission to make sustainable agriculture scalable and profitable you can read more about them here.

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