Company profile

The ESGTI AG group emerged in 2020 as a result of targeted M&A transactions, combining innovative projects and companies with an ESG focus and technology leadership. Our objective is to unlock attractive new markets for investors whilst promoting sustainable development. 

investment strategy

Solutions for sustainability

Our philosophy towards investing is built on our deep understanding of sustainability challenges and themes, enabling us to find some of the most promising and impactful early-stage investment opportunities for future generations.

We uphold measurable and material ESG and impact objectives, with transparency at the core. Our goal is to actively engage our portfolio companies on material financial and ESG issues and aim to influence our investees to improve. 

We believe that using ESG integration and impact metrics to drive our investment strategy will lead to risk-adjusted returns in the long run. Below you can explore the six stages of our investment life cycle.

Pipeline Review

What we evaluate

Investment theme
Investment stage
Deal Size/valuation
ESG/Impact intent

How we assess the fit with ESGTI

Identifying technology
Identifying ESG/Impact intent

Business Plan Review

What we evaluate

Market attractiveness
Product differentiation
Managerial capabilities
Environmental threats

How we assess the fit with ESGTI

Portfolio synergies
S&E Risk assessment

Valuation & Financing Structure

What we evaluate

Exit valuation
Debt or equity
Board inclusion
Social & Env. impact

How we assess the fit with ESGTI

Identifying technology
Identifying ESG/Impact intent

External Consultant
and Rating Agencies

What we evaluate

Internal data analysis
External data analysis
Third party analysis
Invest. comm. analysis

How we assess the fit with ESGTI

ESG baseline
Goal identification


What we evaluate

Final contract
lmpact/ESG objectives
Company objectives

How we assess the fit with ESGTI

Partnership strategy
Collaboration strategy

Decision Making

What we evaluate

Governance structure
Engagement process
Exit decision

How we assess the fit with ESGTI

Active collaboration
Third party scoring

Share information

The shares of ESGTI AG are publicly traded on BW Swiss’ Regulated Market since October 1 2021. Security number CH029829498, Ticker symbol ESGTI.

Ticker symbol ESGTI
Swiss securities number (Valor) 298 294 98
ISIN CH 029 829 4981
German securities number (WKN) A1409X
Share capital CHF 40 537 175.64
Shares in issue 25 985 369 ordinary registered shares with a par value of CHF 1.56 each
Exchange/market segment BX Swiss
Paying agent Pending change
Registrar Computershare (Schweiz) AG

Intrinsic value (NAV)

Figures as of December 29th, 2023
Net Asset Value (NAV) per share CHF 5.34
Year-to-date +13%
Latest factsheet Read here

Valuation principles and guidelines

ESGTI’s NAV Calculation Agent calculates the fair value of every investment on a regular basis. The calculation takes into consideration all assets and liabilities on a pro rata basis, accrued expenses and accrued income incurred by the Company (e.g. interest on cash, if any). The fair value of investments is calculated on the basis of the following principles and guidelines:

Valuation of public companies​

For the purpose of the net asset value calculation of public companies, the closing bid price on the reporting day as reported by the exchange where the stock is quoted and traded is used.

Valuation of private companies​

For the purpose of the fair value calculation of private companies the following principles apply:

Most important valuation factors

  • Performance-based terms & structures
  • Price negotiation and action
  • Experience and performance of management
  • Existing tangible and intangible assets
  • Technology validation
  • Last paid price
  • Financial forecasts
  • Market potential, position within market
  • Comparison to competitors

The original cost or the subsequent capital increase price is considered an approximation of the fair value at the time of the transaction.


Technology assessment, negotiations with management, industry comparables and competitors’ bids are the main factors that affect the valuation. Net asset value calculation at cost, less any write-off deemed necessary if subsequent performance is below business plan.


Re-evaluation of technology assessment, negotiations with management, industry comparables and competitors’ bids, achievement of milestones and business plan guidelines. Net asset value calculation is principle based on the capital increase price less discount, if deemed necessary based on the valuation factors listed below.


A write up is recognized when a significant event occurs such as the issuing of a patent, corporate partnering, increased profitability and achievement of milestones.


A write down is recognized when a significant event occurs such as a permanent impairment of assets, performance significantly below the business plan and a change in the valuation of comparable companies. Furthermore, it has to be taken into consideration that private companies are not subject to any external (thirdparty) valuation procedures, and the intrinsic value may therefore be difficult to assess. The valuation of the private investments as shown in the report is made by the Company according to above guidelines. The valuation may change from day to day depending on the Company’s development and market circumstances. However, the risk remains, that the valuations are not accurate and can change any day.

Description of valuations


Public companies are valued at the closing bid price each day. These investments are subject to general stock market conditions.


Valuations are based on the company’s status at a given date. Increases in valuations are due to achievements of milestones, capital increases or other significant positive business developments. Companies valued at cost have generally achieved the expected milestones.

Decreases in valuations are generally due to financial market conditions, unfavorable capital increases and the company generally being behind plan.


For the most important investments, ESGTI is based on at least annual external evaluations by independent experts.

Corporate and events calendar

Our most relevant events for investors interested in ESGTI AG.

July 1st 2021

All AGM resolutions passed

On 30 June 2021, ESGTI AG held its 2021 AGM. All resolutions were passed, including approval of the Annual Report and 2020 Financial Statements.

Following a successful year the shareholders also approved re-election of the Board of Directors and further elected Ms.Kimberley Marty to the board. This step underlines the shareholder vote of confidence in the leadership team and further expands the board’s diversity.

Minutes will be published in our Download Centre.

June 4th 2021

Mid-year 2021 financial results

We expect to publish our semi-annual results for 2021 in September.

June 4th 2021

Annual General Meeting 30 June, 2021

We are pleased to announce that our AGM 2021 will take place on 30 June 2021. You can find the invitation, registration and voting instructions in our download centre below under the “Annual General Meeting” section. 

May 28th 2021

Financial results

Our 2020 Annual Report is available for download in the download centre or here.

Nov 3rd 2020

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 24 Nov 2020

The Board of Directors invites all shareholders you to an extraordinary General Meeting of ESGTI Ltd. The agenda and corresponding Proxy and voting instructions can be found in our download centre below.

CORPORATE governance

Our working practise

ESGTI’s Board of Directors focus on promoting the long-term sustainable success of the Company; creating value for its shareholders and contributing to wider society. In short, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance in line with The Swiss Code of Best Practice.

Our Board comprises six independent members; diverse in experience and bringing expertise directly relevant to our investment focus and sustainability agenda. In addition to the Board our Executive Committee assists in everyday business execution; a pivotal right arm of the board with clear division of responsibilities. 

We recognize that for our company to be successful over time and create sustainable value for shareholders, we must also create value for society. We see governance and ESG expertise as a framework to align the interests of all our stakeholders behind our purpose, and as such leverage the services of a team of ESG Subject-Matter Experts throughout the year.  

Engagement with our shareholders through investor meetings and analyst calls is crucial to us; allowing us to sharpen our focus on our core priorities, strategic vision and governance. Our Chairman’s roundtables enable us to listen to all of our stakeholders and keep them abreast of new investments.

Corporate information

Corporate information and contact

Company name ESGTI AG
Date of formation March 18, 2009
Swiss company number CHE-114.775.734
Articles of incorporation August 10, 2020
Registered office Rothusstrasse 21, 6331, Huenenberg, Switzerland
Notices and announcements to shareholders Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce/Letter or email to registered shareholders/DGAP
Voting rights Registered shareholders are entitled to vote. Registered shares held by a nominee will only be granted voting rights if such nominee declares in writing that he or she is prepared to disclose the name, address and shareholding of any person for whose account he or she is holding 0.5% or more of the outstanding share capital.

For any investor-related questions, please feel free to contact us at