ESG Engineering Italia granted major patent for Agro-Industrial process

On July 20th 2023, our investee company ESG Engineering Italia (the management company of ESG Eko Agro Group and a group company of ESGTI) officially obtained its patent for their Agro-Industrial Integrated Digital Process.

With a 20-year validity, this patented process and part of the Tech Agrarian Protocol, is the first operating agricultural process capable of recording and monitoring all stages of the producer to consumer process, agro-energy balancing and environmental parameters associated with agricultural production.

With the relatively untransparent nature of today’s systems, this is a major contributor to secure data-backed, traceable and non-forgeable agricultural systems. The timely arrival of this patent – filed approximately two years before – fits with the development of EEAG’s Agri-photovoltaic projects and comes at an opportune time where regulatory reporting requires an increasing amount of data-compliant elements.

We celebrate this as another element strengthening EEAG’s competitive advantage, particularly in the field of digital processes which demonstrate a growing prevalence within AgTech.

Eko Agro Group is an enterprise developing a sustainable approach to agriculture and food supply chains. Operating in the field of AgTech, it combines new Technologies and perspectives with ancient farming techniques to ensure a fully sustainable and transparent approach across the supply chain all the way through to the end consumer.

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