Eko Agro Group as AgriTech Investor day key speaker

Eko Agro Group joined the AgriTech Investor Day, held on Wednesday 6th July in Florence, as a key speaker for agricultural innovation and investments in the Italian region of Tuscany.

In collaboration with The European House – Ambrosetti, Tuscany aims to propose itself as a reference hub for experimentation and investments in the AgriTech sphere. It’s goal, to promote sustainability, digitalisation and circular economies in agriculture and food processing, is perfectly aligned to the business model of Eko Agro Group, with sustainability and equitable farming at their core.

As the forum aimed to explore the productive realities of the current agri-food industry, Salvatore Toscano – Eko Agro Groups’ CEO, was invited to share how technologies and synergies can be leveraged to overhaul food systems in the region for a more sustainable future.

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