Key strategic partnership with Italian farming operators

On February 16th 2023, Eko Agro Group (EAG) entered into a partnership agreement with RHEAURA OP, a major nationwide organization of Italian agricultural producers.


This partnership will create an operational structure based on the EAG model aimed at the development of Agri-Photovoltaic (APV) sites on suitable areas belonging to RHEAURA’s associates.


By leveraging APV innovation, the merging of farming development and green energy represents a crucial step in simultaneously achieving agricultural sustainability and driving the green energy transition. Aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and sustainable development goals, such steps are key to climate, food and energy security.


By combining agriculture with clean energy, the first beneficiary of the creation of APV solutions are the farmers, through improved yield and leveraged Agri-Tech competencies. 

Salvatore Toscano, CEO of Eko Agro Group, commented:


“APV solutions require an innate knowledge of agricultural operations. RHEAURA’s network and farming expertise is a precious opportunity that will allow us to combine this knowledge with EAG’s advanced technologies and the expertise of the energy operators to ensure every solution has sustainability in mind”.


To learn more about Eko Agro Group and its mission to make sustainable agriculture scalable and profitable you can read more about them here.


Eko Agro Group is an enterprise developing a sustainable approach to agriculture and food supply chains. Operating in the field of AgTech, it combines new Technologies and perspectives with ancient farming techniques to ensure a fully sustainable and transparent approach across the supply chain all the way through to the end consumer.

RheAura OP is a nationwide fruit and vegetable producer organization, marketing the products of associated agricultural cooperatives, fresh fruit and vegetables. The integration of diverse territories, skills, production and seasonal cycles is both its key strength and backbone. In its business RheAura invests in innovation to increase productivity and quality, whilst wholeheartedly respecting the environment. Find out more here

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