Landmark step for Eko Agro Group into Agri-Photovoltaic solutions

On January 31st 2023, Eko Agro Group entered into a preliminary agreement (MoU) with RWE Renewables Italia to develop 35 Agri-Photovoltaic (APV) sites, concerning ca. 850 ha. of agricultural land across several regions in Italy. The result of these installed plants is foreseen to generate up to 700MW/h of clean energy. This marks a major step for the group in their goal to strengthen the sustainability of farming and leverage the growing symbiosis of green energy and sustainable agriculture.


Eko Agro Group is very pleased to partner with RWE; one of the leading energy suppliers in Europe and a major renewable energy provider on the global stage. RWE’s extensive expertise and experience in the photovoltaic sector plays a key role in ensuring that this ambitious project has the necessary capacity and operational scalability to succeed.


This preliminary agreement supports the common interest of pursuing ESG goals through the combination of agriculture and clean energy production. By combining these two key elements on agricultural areas, the partnership will enable farmers to reduce the consequences of climate change, improve crop yields and generate green electricity simultaneously.


Salvatore Toscano, CEO of Eko Agro Group, commented:

This collaboration offers us an important opportunity to promote sustainable and equitable agricultural solutions in Italy which are also compliant with the United Nations 2030 Agenda  and sustainable development goals. Together with the core competencies of RWE Renewables Italia, we are able to drive solutions for the country’s sustainability agenda, bridging energy and food production.”

This view is wholeheartedly shared by Eko Agro Group’s holding company ESGTI AG, with it’s own goal to support the expansion and integration of clean energy into its investment portfolio.

To learn more about the Eko Agro Group and its mission to make sustainable agriculture scalable and profitable you may read more about them here.


Eko Agro Group is an enterprise developing a sustainable approach to agriculture and food supply chains. Operating in the field of AgTech, it combines new Technologies and perspectives with ancient farming techniques to ensure a fully sustainable and transparent approach across the supply chain all the way through to the end consumer.

For more information about RWE see their website here.

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